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The Face of the NYPD

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Detective Megan Wheeler
10 February
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* Character's name: Megan Wheeler
* Character's age: 36 (D.O.B. 2/10/1975)
* Squad: Major Case

* Family/Educational background of character
Megan was born in 1975, the oldest daughter of Johnny and Cheryl Wheeler. She has a younger sister, Karen, born in 1979. Johnny was a lawyer and Cheryl a homemaker.

The Wheeler girls had a mostly unremarkable, privileged upbringing until Megan was 13. Their father worked in Manhattan and commuted home each night to their suburban home in northwest Yonkers. As far as the family knew, Johnny was a private sector lawyer of some sort. Megan wasn’t a ‘daddy’s girl’ – that was Karen – but she was a tomboy who loved playing catch or shooting hoops and tagging along with him to sporting events.

In 1988, shortly after Megan’s 13th birthday, Johnny took the train in to work one morning and never returned. The girls were never given an explanation – it was unlikely Cheryl had one. Until then, Johnny had been a loving, albeit occasionally preoccupied father and husband, always providing the very best for his family.

With two adolescents and no real higher education to fall back on, Cheryl began waitressing to make ends meet and eventually moved the family to the much-less-exclusive, predominantly Irish section of southeast Yonkers. At the end of junior high, Megan was moved, along with Karen, to a public school.

Always a level-headed child, it was Megan who took the lead when her father disappeared. While her sister acted out and caused headaches for their mother, Megan was studious and responsible, making dinner and watching over Karen while Cheryl worked night shifts. She was also determined that unlike Cheryl, she would a) have a college education and b) not be let down by a guy. She also wanted to go into law enforcement, initially driven by the desire to find out what happened to her father.

In 1993, Megan graduated high school and started college at CUNY’s John Jay College of Criminal Justice. While at school, she kept up her good grades, When she was a senior in college, her sister Karen, who was attending City College at the time, became pregnant with a son, Megan’s nephew Tyler.

Megan received her B.S. in Criminal Justice (with honors) in 1997 and enrolled in the police academy shortly after. At the police academy, she was noted for her even temper, respect for authority and outstanding marksmanship. She finished the academy at the end of 1998. Not long after, she joined the NYPD and was assigned a beat in midtown Manhattan.

Work history:
1999-2001: Beat cop, Midtown North
2001: Starts getting pulled into Narcotics and Vice operations, gets noticed for her ability to work undercover. Also used in White Collar investigations on occasion.
2002: Promoted to Detective 3rd Grade after successful Narcotics/White Collar sting. Goes to work primarily in White Collar until mid 2003.
Mid-2003-end of 2005: Pulled into Captain Danny Ross’s money laundering task force, is there 2.5 years. After successful completion and being distinguished for her undercover work (she has never been made while UC), promoted to Detective 2nd Grade.
2006: Returns to White Collar.
Late 2006: Brought up to Major Case Squad by new MCS Captain Ross, where she is partnered with veteran Homicide detective Mike Logan.

Megan had a decent amount of experience when she reached Major Case, but she still had a lot to learn, especially about murder cases. Ross paired her with Logan in the hopes that they would both learn from each other. Over time…this has actually happened (score one for Ross). She is one of the only people who can deal with Logan, and he has, over the course of four years, become something of a mentor.

In late 2007, while working a mob-related case, Megan discovered that her father had been a mob lawyer—essentially a bag man—hence his ability to afford the luxuries he’d provided the family with. In addition, his disappearance was very likely mob-related: either he was killed or has been in hiding for 20 years. While a mass mob grave was discovered during the case, Rodgers noted that it would take years to identify all of the remains. So far, Johnny Wheeler has not been identified.

In July 2010, Megan left Major Case for six months to teach American police procedure in Europe, as part of an NYPD training program. She returned to the States in December 2010 and after a debriefing period is just now returning to Major Case in late January 2011.

* Personality: Likes, Dislikes, Traits, Weaknesses, Quirks

Megan is naturally curious—not necessarily the kid who asked “why?” all the time, but the one who went home and read up on a subject when it interested her. She grew up with MTV and in the midst of a burgeoning technological era. Unlike her partner and other colleagues, she is tech-savvy and up on pop culture. As a kid, she liked the popular TV show “Hangin’ Out,” a fascination that lasted through adulthood, up until a case involving the washed up former teen stars.

She is street smart, to an extent, and can be scrappy when it’s called for. When she went from private school to public, she learned to fend for herself and watch out for her sister. Though she’s rarely been in fights, she’s not one to go down easy (see: Wheeler and Logan Versus the FDNY).

Generally, as noted throughout this application, Megan is known for being logical, level-headed and for thinking things through. She has respect for authority and doesn’t often bend the rules (though since being partnered with Logan, this has changed a bit). Sometimes, she’s too pragmatic for her own good, letting logic stand in the way of her emotions.

Her father is a sore spot, though she does talk about him more in the last few years than she did previously. She doesn’t have great will power when it comes to her sister and mother either, and tends to let them walk all over her.

Likes: coffee and donuts like a good cop, home-cooked meals (preferably made by other people), singing in the shower (and ONLY in the shower), New York professional sports teams, intra-mural NYPD sports, playing video games with her nephew, traveling, going to movies or Broadway shows, occasionally watching popular TV shows (she’s a sucker for cheesy sitcoms).

Dislikes: uncalled-for disrespect of authority, perps with smart mouths, over-dramatics, primping/spending more than 10 minutes getting ready for work.